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A Global Initiative to Change the World...

An Inspiring Vision  

Why are we doing this and why now?

We have an opportunity to create a better life for all humanity and all species.

It’s no accident that for the first time in our human history, over 5 billion humans can connect with other humans across the globe via the internet. 

We’ve figured out the production of energy, the movement of people and things around the planet, the harvesting of food and water, and the building of just about anything we desire. 


But all of these advances come with unintended consequences, including; pollution, climate change, and social inequality.


Now we are going to truly master all of these areas of life and business to create a new level of abundance, prosperity and sustainability for all life.

Transform the Future

The Global Initiative is driven by a desire to accelerate a sustainable future and is supported by Impact Inventors, Impact Investors, Impact CEO’s and Impact Educators. 

Together, we’re maximizing our financial and social capital while rebuilding the game of life and business for future generations.


Inventors are our problem solvers.  By applying transformational technologies to solve the biggest challenges we face, we are literally redefining how humanity produces, stores, and consumes Energy. Education, Finance, Real Estate, and Environmental categories are ripe for disruption. 


Capital > Time > Energy

Our team is passionately growing a global peer-to-peer network that serves as a personal and professional board to inspire our CEO’s to tackle the topics that matter the most in their lives and businesses.

We provide personal introductions and access to the world’s best Impact Investors & Impact Advisors to accelerate the CEO’s missions.

We curate the ultimate environments & masterminds for our impact CEO’s who are life long learners, innovators and disruptors. d design and architecture, renewable materials,


Impact CEOs and our teams are the builders of a sustainable future.

We put our missions first.
We build values aligned teams.
We are leading a global initiative to change the world.
We believe the purpose of business is to accelerate positive change in the world, for all.
We understand the difference between impact capital and other sources.
We operate based on the triple bottom line – people, planet, profits.
g advanced design and architecture, renewable materials,


The educators are the teachers of tomorrow; leveraging transformational technologies such as AI, AR, and VR.

Digital Marketers are introducing the masses to these new technologies and accelerating the adoption of a more sustainable future. 

Jim Bunch

,Jim is a Serial Entrepreneur, Investor and Owner Throughout Jim’s career, he has been passionate about creating effective and powerful experiences that help people and businesses initiate positive and sustainable change.

Jim currently is co-founder of a Global Software company called Powur. The mission is to accelerate the adoption of clean energy worldwide.   

 Jim is Founder/Chairman of  A Publishing and Technology Company whose mission is to inspire Entrepreneurs to live an ultimate life and build game changing businesses. The Ultimate Game of Life App has been downloaded and shared in over 132 countries worldwide.

Jim is the Chairman of the Board of The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce which is focused on helping all business become sustainable by improving their triple bottom line (People + Planet + Profits).

Jim is one of the most sought after advisors and public speakers with over 25 years of professional speaking experience. He is a frequent guest on radio, TV shows, podcasts, and stages. He has given more than a 1000+ presentations on Business and Life. 

Jim Bunch Builds, Invests,

 and Advises Impact Businesses


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